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April 22, 2011

The Only Ones: Teaser Book Trailer

It’s 144 days until the release of The Only Ones. For those without an abacus on hand, that places the launch date at September 13, 2011 (aka Peter Cetera’s 67th birthday). Movie studios like to whet audiences appetites months in advance of their release date, so I’m thinking I’ll do the same thing. At the end of this post you’ll find a humble, but hopefully enticing, teaser book trailer for The Only Ones.

Those outside of the book business might not run across book trailers during their internet adventures. With honey badger videos to watch and alt.magick bulletin boards to monitor, the average surfer doesn’t have time to dabble in such things. Well, book trailers are thick out there. Some great. Some…different. There’s debate as to whether these things boost book sales or whether they cheapen the esteemed art of the novelist. My take is that as long as you’re not sinking big bucks into the forgettable or misleading, then a book trailer can’t hurt. At worst, no one will watch it and forward it on to their pals. At best, you’ll win a Nobel Prize (let the boy dream big!).

So, without further ado, here’s the teaser trailer for The Only Ones. Keep in mind this is just a preview, a tiny taste. Like when you go to see the new Michael Bay flick and Warner Brothers hooks you with a short clip of Rick Moranis, shirtless and sweaty, running through a supermarket with a cocked crossbow and a flowing Confederate flag as a cape, a soundtrack of the Georgia Satellites in the background and a booming voiceover proclaiming, “This Christmas, Moranis will rise again. Live and Die in Dixie

Like that, but better.

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