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July 26, 2011

The Only Ones: Early Reviews, Selections and More

It’s less than 50 days until The Only Ones invades your neighborhood bookstore and your online dealers of tall tales. And out there in the world there are faint rumblings that something is afoot. Yes, there are a few interesting developments regarding the book and I shall detail them below:

  1. Kirkus Reviews, the self-proclaimed “world’s toughest book critics” put their dukes down and held their hugging arms out. They had some lovely things to say about the book, including, “Both literary and engaging, this is the kind of book readers will want to return to for new discoveries.” Thanks, Kirk (I can call you Kirk now, right?).
  2. The Junior Library Guild has named the book as one its Fall 2011 Selections. It’s an honor that, according to their pyramid of power, is only bestowed upon a small percentage of books. It has real world implications too. It means the book will find its way onto thousands of public and school library shelves…and that is a very good thing indeed. Domo arigato, Ju-Li-Gu.
  3. Over at the fantastic blog Mother Reader fellow kidlit author Matthew Cody and I were recently interviewed about darkness in middle-grade novels. Matthew is the author of Powerless and the upcoming Dead Gentleman, both stories of derring-do of the highest order that draw their inspiration from comic books and classic yarns and the lives of scabby-kneed junior adventurers. Have a look at our hopefully amusing musings.
  4. There’s one more week to enter the contest at Goodreads to win a signed advance reader copy of the book, which will be sent to the lucky winner a full month before the official copies tear their shirts off and go marauding through the streets.
  5. Finally, a page dedicated to The Only Ones is now hidden on this very site. It’s not hidden very well. As a matter of fact, all you have to do is click on the link above and you’ll be whisked right to it, where you’ll find a few easter eggs, the trailer, a longer summary of the book, and even the opening chapter. Share it all with your pals, why don’t you?
So there it is, gang, the latest rumpus. More to come in the near future, no doubt, but for now, this will do. Now go out and play. It’s the summertime for crying out loud.