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October 25, 2011

Where Ya Been, Man?

It’s true, I haven’t been hanging ’round here much of late. And though I’ve been busy,  it’s not because I’ve been busy. Being busy is never an excuse. That’s something you tell your dentist or your parole officer: “Sorry pal, couldn’t make it in, been busy, but you can dig how that is, right poncho?” Fine for that scene, but it don’t cut it in the blogging biz.

The reason I haven’t been here is because I’ve been elsewhere, peddling my wares to other web sites. Yes, the stain of digital lipstick is all over my collar, but I assure you everything is on the up-and-up. If you don’t believe me, I present the following as evidence:

    1. Here I am over at, where I’m sharing the opening chapter of The Only Ones, as well as a short story I wrote at the ripe old age of 16. Read both and see how my writing has evolved (devolved?) over the last 18 years. For those who don’t know, Figment is a site where teenagers can go and share their writing. It’s an amazing and inspiring place and I only wish it had existed 20 years ago.
    2. Shoot over to and check out their interview of me. They asked me to film a video to introduce myself and I decided to go all out. Keep in mind, there isn’t a single special effect in theentire thing. Amazing, I know. And there’s still time to enter their sweepstakes where you can score a couple signed books,
    3. That spooky time of year is once again upon us. The…World…Series! Oh yes, and Halloween is also coming up. In the spirit of the season, I contributed to something called “What Scares You” at the blog “Distraction No. 99.” This is a fantastic collection of tales and inspiration from writers of youth fiction. It was put together by Nova Ren Suma, author of the supremely spooky and lyrical Imaginary Girls. I’m honored to be a contributor. I won’t tell you much about the story, except that it’s designed to paralyze you with fear…and hopefully stunt your growth. Enjoy!
    4. Finally, I’ve been spending many hours and thousands of dollars on the latest trailer for The Only Ones. I probably spent more time on it than I did writing the book. I certainly spent all my advance money. Have a look, but be warned. Your life may never be the same again: